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Ricci, since you were interested, here is the beginning of my new "career" XD

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Today was my day off, so with AV guy we went to Nakano's city office, where we submitted the marriage registration form and various documents. Girl took the papers, made us wait 20mn, then came back to make me write my name in katakana on various document copies before making us wait 20mn again... She finally came back and told us something like "xxx san, yyy san, you are married, ok, bye" (it was 5:30, and the city office closes at 5:00)

Not very glamorous, but i'm uber happy ^_^


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On the official website of the Eito Rangers movie, there's some sort of quiz with 50 questions about the movie, and since i was very bored on my day off last week, i played it.
You can get two wallpapers when you reach certain steps, if someone is interested, here they are (size is 1440x900):

Photobucket Photobucket

Don't know if Photobucket preserves the original size,
so just in case HERE is a zip of the two WP.


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It's been a long time...

During lunchtime at work I watch TV, usually Hirunandesu. Not so much for Hina & Yoko, but cause the show features a lot of food... *still this damn food addiction*

And the other day, Hina became "Purple Murakami" to host a food-related corner...
Basically, it was so much fail XD

The only redeeming feature was his kirakira headband:
Because seriously, he just put some saran wrap in bowl, beat an egg with a bit of soy sauce and mayo, and put the stuff in the microwave oven. The result was some sort of... runny omelette, it was very ugly XD *but for some reason everybody on the show was amazed*
And he also showed how to remove the skin of a grape with a toothpick...

On a VERY unrelated note...
AV guy asked the city hall of his hometown to send him a koseki tohon, so... I guess it's official, now. Probably at the end of september or beginning of october.

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I got presents, yesterday evening \o/
(and no, it's still NOT my bday present from my mom - FYI, my bday was on the 12th of March... Thanks for not forgetting me, mom XD)

Yesterday evening, I met with one of my... "intimate" acquaintances (you get what I mean XD) for some "fun" (you get what I mean - part 2 XD).
Since it was our second meeting (or just because he's kind), he brought me a present... SWEEEEEEEEEEEETS!!!!!!!
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
According to the description, the inside is a sort of... white chocolate-flavoured cheesecake cream. Don't really know if it fits the description, but it's GOOD!

Anyway, as I told Sonya and Judu, that guy has quite a funny job, since he's an AV actor. And he brought me a second present...
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Indeed a really long time XDDD

Anyway, today was amazing~
Thanks to a reaaaally nice girl who got me a ticket, i went to Plan-B (aka ex-FiVe) live, and it was just >////////<
There were a few FiVe songs, but mainly new songs, i was impressed considering they didn't have so much time.

Because i suck at doing reports, i'll just say: my favorite songs are the second one (amazing how precise i am, aren't i? XD) and the one called "sora hoshi tsuki".
They also said there would be an other live next month, on the 26th \o/

And at the end of the live, they went behind the counter to highfive all the members of the audience one by one *____*

Funny thing: reaaaally nice girl came with several friends, including a korean girl with whom i talked a lot - and it's only ONE HOUR LATER that we realized we knew each other on lj XDDD
She's nanairo7 (we talked about you, Sonya ^^), and... she made the MC quite interesting for me - even if quite embarrassing too XDDD
Thank you <3

*yes, the tag is still Five and it will probably forever stay that way*

Unrelated: sonya, judu, mii, love u & miss u
*judu, thought of you when they talked about nipples*


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Cakes day \o/

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Two days in one entry, i'm not late anymore \o/

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Shibuya. Not my favorite place XD

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Today, it was Shimokitazawa \o/

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